Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiger Hating Golf Pansies


Last year I wrote a blog called "The Unwinding of Tiger Woods".  It was highly critical of Woods and expressed doubt that Tiger would overcome the psychological problems associated with his "life events breakdown".  Yes, I have been highly critical of Woods, especially in the manner he has managed his personal life.

But yesterdays' brouhaha over a minor rule interpretation seemed to bring out hordes of sports pansies, slimy sports talk minions and whimpers about unfairness from Tiger's golfing competitors.

First of all, I've read criticism of Woods from baseball and football players.  Are you kidding me?  Golf is a pristine "no cheating" game, carefully monitored and enforced largely by the players themselves.  Baseball has been ruined by huge wasted salaries that breed prima donnas and steroid users.  Football boasts a small army of retired players who are brain dead from excessive game violence or who have already died from excessive concussions.  Baseball and Football players, and their fans; just shut up.

Secondly, while Woods may have violated a golfing rule, the rule itself was so vague that neither he nor the on course officials nor the Masters officials nor PGA officials noticed the infraction.  Woods actually took a drop three feet behind the position of his last shot and was not trying to better his ball placement.

But cries of favoritism rang out from those golfers who don't possess Tiger's skills or game focus.  They were like jackals calling for Tiger's disqualification, mostly fuel by jealousy.  

I have no idea how Tiger will fare on this final day of the Masters...but it's clear that there are alot of folks who want to take Tiger down.  They can't do it on the golf course so they moan and whine on the Twitter boards. 

Sad.  Damned sad.

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  1. Tiger has, for some time been plenty outspoken of his disdain for fellow players, caddies, sponsors, basically anyone who he just didn't like. I always liked Tiger but the more I heard about the things he said and did toward his fellow players, etc.. It became harder and harder to support him. Players and fans not liking him on the coarse didn't just happen out of the blue, he brought a lot of it on himself. He didn't just lead a goofy life off the course, he was so full of himself on the course that he behaved like an, for lack of a better word, asshole. The treatment he gets is in exact measure for what he has given.