Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama Not Answering My Mail


Not having anything better to do, and with both foreign and domestic affairs in disarray, Obama has been busy with what he's best qualified to do; fundraise and campaign...and pass out our tax dollars.

Last week Obama travelled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to have dinner with a woman who wrote to thank him for her free taxpayer paid Obamacare.  Obama was so touched he had to fire up Air Force One and fly up to Milwaukee to receive the praise first hand.

This week Obama is going to Colorado and Austin, Texas (but not to the border, no..not that.  He's got a lackey in Denver who got a pay raise when Obama proclaimed women should be paid more, regardless of experience, time in position, or nature of the job.  

So Obama is traveling to Denver and he's going to spring for dinner at, quite appropriately, a Mexican restaurant.  After having his boots licked Obama will then find the nearest teleprompter and urge Congress to fork over another $4 billion dollars to feed, educate and medicate another army of Central and South American invaders.

But, before Denver, he's headed to Austin.  Someone at the University of Texas, Austin wrote the Anointed One and thanked him for forgiving some $750 million dollars of student loan debt, with the most important one being his.  Obama will hang out on the student quad and mix with naive college students who don't understand that, if they ever do get a job, they'll be paying taxes to cover that three quarters of a billion write-off.

Well, I don't need to tell you I'm a bit miffed.  I have written Obama no less than a dozen letters over the last year.  I included FBI stats that showed over fifty percent of all Phoenix murders were by illegal Mexicans.  I clipped newspaper articles about the runaway "hit and run" accidents and the ensuring mayhem created by illegals.  In one letter I offered to drive him down to the border at Nogales.  I promised to pack a picnic lunch and we could travel out to the open desert and witness the parade of Mexican drug and human smugglers as they work their way north to Phoenix, where they will either stay, or head out to the East coast where the perils of illegals has not yet been fully felt.

Obama hasn't answered a single letter, much less offered to buy me dinner.  Even after I promised to have Governor Jan Brewer greet him at the airport...  

Maybe I'm not writing the right kind of letter.  Perhaps my gripe about the Phoenix VA hospital threw him off.  Maybe I shouldn't have griped about my annual 1 percent military pension increase that doesn't begin to keep up with inflation.  Maybe my offer of hosting him overnight, and offering the use of a futon was unacceptable.

Or maybe my admonishment about no food testers allowed when I offered him a bowl of my home made chili made him a bit suspicious.  No matter, I'll keep writing him about my gripes.  Maybe he'll come and see me in a couple of years when all he has to do is make $200,000 dollar speeches.


  1. I would feel better about this whole issue if Congress actually did its job! Both the Democrats and the Republicans are afraid to take a stand and let their opinions be known. We are drowning while everyone is saying "not my job"! Obama is not fighting a Congress that is against him; he is fighting an inactive Congress. Out to lunch.

  2. Well, Jerry, I'm not happy with Congress either... but at this point I'm satisfied that they are not giving Obama what he wants cause I don't want anything Obama wants. The only problem I have with Congress is that no one has the balls to begin impeachment proceedings. And since immigration reform means amnesty I am not for that in any form. Nothing would do my hard old heart good than having a President who did what Eisenhower did during Operation Wetback back in the 50's...round as many up as you can and bus em south to the border. If it takes ten years to deport em all, do it. ....then we would once again become a nation of laws and we would have a hell of a lot less illegals. And yes, fine the hell out of employers who hire them...but make it big!

  3. The way things are going, you're going to be accused of "hate speech" and investigated by some nebulous government agency staffed with armed goons whose job it is to insure cooperation by the population... I'm only half kidding. This bunch pays lip service to free speech but they damn sure don't like it (cue: IRS and Lois Learner...).

  4. Randy, I've said far worse than this in other blogs so I expect I've attracted their attention. ;)