Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shi*t Or Get Off The Pot


Well, it had to be coming soon.  After California passed legislation that demanded that all Home Depots in California build rest and lunch kiosks for illegal day workers who hang around their parking lots, Big Government is now commandeering more of your tax dollars to build out "separate but equal" restrooms for trans genders who don't feel comfortable doing their "business" in either the Men's or Women's facilities.

Boise State is raising student fees and floating public bonds in order to fund a complete "re-do" of all restroom facilities across campus.  Extra restrooms designated for "transgendered only" are to be built so that no one need to feel uncomfortable on a public throne.

Grant High School in Oregon has chosen to show their "enlightenment" by confiscating a number of student and faculty restrooms and designating them "transgendered only".

The city of Philadelphia has gone them all one better.  Pledging to be the "champion" of the LGBT community Philadelphia has pledge to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to construct "transgender only" restrooms across the cityscape...and damn the costs!

Both Congress and state legislatures across America are deeply involved as well.  Legislation is working its way through Congress and the State Houses that will designate funding for public transgender restrooms in every public facility across America.  Our public officials are also preparing legislation that requires all places of employment set aside a sufficient number of restrooms for "transgender only" employees.  Many of the larger companies have tried to get around this legislation by suggesting that employees use the appropriate men or women's restroom that best describes their current outward appearance but our legislators are insisting this compromise will simply not fly.

On June 12th the Supreme Court of The State of Maine has declared transgender equality to be the next major civil rights campaign.  "Forcing a female to male transgendered to endure females applying makeup and having to endure the scent of perfume is just too ghastly to contemplate".  We must legislate, we must expend any amount of funding to insure our transgendered are treated equally and with the respect they deserve.

I'm still betting that the next "equality wave" is going to somehow involve human-canine marriage.



  1. The next issue will be affirmative action for LGBT people.

  2. What a useless WASTE of taxpayer money.