Friday, June 7, 2013

Tattoos And Self Esteem; A Ratio Analysis


When I was a kid the only folks bearing tattoos seemed to be Hells Angels and Navy folks.  If you saw someone with a tattoo you pretty much knocked your estimate of his I.Q. down ten points or so. Now it seems everyone and his brother has a tattoo; it seems to be the thing to do.  Never the less, I've never gotten over my dislike of them.  I kind of get the idea that folks who cover their bodies in ink are somehow flaunting their creator; it's as if what the big guy upstairs gave you just wasn't good enough.

That's just my personal opinion about them.  With that opinion I have a theory about why people get them and that there own personal self esteem is in direct ratio to the number and size of the tattoos they paint their body with.  People that put one small discreet tattoo somewhere on their body seem mildly acceptable to me.  They may be commemorating a special event or person in their life.  It's the people that cover their entire arm or leg with acres of ink that causes me to suspect some fairly low self esteem,  holding some fear that somehow they don't measure up with others.  Perhaps a failure to articulate their own thoughts in an effective way, perhaps to make up for a bland personality or a failure to accumulate sufficient knowledge to get one through life.

Perhaps these tattoo maniacs find themselves so conforming to the cultural whims, so lacking in their own personal sense of taste, they rebel by throwing up a gaggle of tattoos over their body to show they are somehow "different" and therefore "special".  Of course the obvious conclusion to that conundrum is that, with so many of the bloated masses now getting tattoos, one finds themselves not at all "special" or "different".

Again, I remind you that this is my own personal opinion.  I can think of a thousand various ways to express my "special-ness" without painting my body like an African zombie.  Personally, when I see someone with a whole passel of tattoos I always perceive the wearer as someone who needs a good bath.  They look dirty and nasty to me.

Setting aside the personal aspects of tattoos, if I were hiring someone for a job the guy with tattoos all over his arms and neck and face is going to be the last guy I hire.  

If I've offended anyone with this brief essay, well, I don't give a shit.  You are free to start your own blog glorifying the tattoo culture all you wish.  I just simply find them nasty and dirty and consider those who cover their bodies with them as lacking in self esteem.

Now, let's get to the subject of nose rings, eyelid rings, pierced tongues.....

Nuff Said.


  1. Oh wow... You're so so so so SOOOOO sooooo soooooooo mistaken! And very small-minded. It amazes me that there are people who think like you do. I feel kind of sorry for you that you exist in this world of judgment and just total... wrongness.


  2. anon, how can I be wrong? I'm expressing my own personal opinion..and it's my opinion. Sorry, but I haven't seen too many smart folks with tatoos covering their body.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Anon says "dont judge" (while he/she/it judges). Good essay. I agree. These days, the REAL rebels are the ones with NO tatoos. When the whole U.S. society says "get a tatoo and you will be cool", it takes a true strong person to say "FUCK THAT" with the understanding of how it will affect you. My favorite is "this tat is in memory of my dead _______." Thats just an excuse to get a tat. Plant a tree or wear a pendant in honor of a passed loved one....a million dang things you could do to commemorate (spelling) someone/something. Anyway, ditto's to Modest Scribbler.

  4. Thanks, anon. I just think that people that cover themselves in tatoos are "f-ing off God...saying, I don't like the "me" you made so Im gonna defile my body to get even...besides, we have become a nation of sheep and this whole tatoo thing is just one dumb sheep emulating another.

  5. If you don't like tattoos, DON'T GET ONE! If you won't hire people with full body/visible tattoos, fine with me.

    But what other people do with their bodies is really none of your business nor your place to judge unless it affects you. And other peoples tattoos really don't. If you don't like the way they look, don't look at or talk to people who have em.