Sunday, March 16, 2014



This morning I opened the Sunday paper and began laying out the various sections in the order I intend to read them.  I read the Business Section, and the Comics, and the Entertainment Sections, first.  Then I quickly zip through the little news magazine that is always 80 percent ads, and then move on to the more serious stuff in national and local news....saving the Sports section for last because I like studying the baseball standings and stats more closely.  

I always set aside the ads and coupon circulars and usually quickly dispense with them.  But this morning's newspaper had multiple copies of the same ads.  That always bothers me; the idea that someone is missing their Target ad because they gave me too many is somehow unfair.  I can just see a an old lady, sitting down to her Sunday paper, anxious to see if Target has got her Depends, or her Metamucil on sale...and she's left out in the cold, while I, happily (for now), have no need for either.

That's really sad.  Or suppose some Irish fella has been holding out for a sale on cabbage and beef brisket doesn't get the word that Albertson's is selling both at rock bottom prices!  Oh sure, I know the Russians are invading the Crimea...and there are 239 people missing somewhere in the Indian Ocean..but missing out on your Sunday morning ads is pretty damn serious too!

Sometimes I'm on the losing end as well.  And when I am I tend to take it a bit too hard.  I blame it on the paperboy!  Just because I didn't slip a ten dollar bill in that little gift envelope he slips into my paper at Christmas!...what a petty thing to do!...withholding my Target and Walgreens ad to punish me!

And this problem seems to be quite widespread!  I've seen numerous listing on Craig's List, under the "free" column, where folks are offering up their Sunday ads and coupons to anyone willing to drive the ten miles to come get them!  I've often wondered how many people have responded to those ads, and if they did, they later calculated the cost of the gas and realized they could have bought a spanking new paper at the corner grocery for less than it took to drive for the freebie.

Well, never let it be said that I'm not philanthropic.  I've set aside the six copies of the Target ads I got this morning and I'm going to canvas the neighborhood to see if my neighbors are missing their copy. It's the least I can do...and who knows...maybe the lady down the street will reciprocate on some morning when I'm missing out on the sale at Walgreens!


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