Friday, March 7, 2014

Phoenix; Cultural Richness


Phoenix, Arizona is like a wonderful box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get...but there's always a lot of it.

We play host to 15 major league teams during spring training and we have our own home-grown Diamondbacks.  We have NFL football with the Cardinals, hockey with the Phoenix Coyotes, NBA with the Phoenix Suns, Arena Football, international soccer matches, hosts the Fiesta Bowl, and own a big hunk of NASCAR business.

If sports is not your thing you can catch a play at not less than 20 venues around town, or you can see every major music star in concert week in and week out.  We have Renaissance festivals, antique car shows, a popular state fair, innumerable rodeos, and play a big role in Broadway road shows of the most popular shows.

We have Chihuahua races during Cinco de Mayo, we have a plethora of farmers markets, hayrides out on commercial farms.  We have restaurants that will offer you North African food, Indian food, Pakistani fare, Egyptian, Greek, Russian food and English pubs that will serve you warm beer and kidney pie.  We can offer you hundreds of Mexican restaurants that can offer you Sonoran style or Tex Mex and we can serve you soul food with chitlins and collard greens.  We've got Mardi Gras and gumbo or we can offer you fresh seafood caught in the Pacific on this very day.  

If you like to gamble we can offer you five Indian Casinos and our Indian tribes can achieve "payback" by taking your gringo money and wine and dine you in fine style while doing so.  

This week we've got rodeo...and Drew Carey and other notables are doing shows...or you can drive down to Tucson and gaze at spectacular fields of desert flowers in bloom in southern Arizona.  

And we've got the Ostrich Festival this week!  For $7 bucks you can watch hours of entertainment with motorcycle riders performing stunts in wire cages and twice in one day you can watch ostriched-powered chariot races while the kids are enjoying the many rides!

I have lived in many places but I don't think I've ever seen such rich diversity of human activity that Phoenix is truly a wonderful box of chocolates with something for everyone.  ;)

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