Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starbucks Anti Military?

Today I came across a Rant and Rave posting on Craig's list that was blasting Starbucks for not sending some requested coffee samples to a group of Marines serving in Afghanistan.   Seems the Marines not only didn't get their coffee samples but received a Starbucks corporate letter that said "we don't support the war, or anyone participating in it and won't be sending you any free coffee".  The poster even took the time to provide a link to Snopes.com.  I guess the poster figured no one would follow the link, and he would then be free to stir up hate for Starbucks among those who support our military.

I however followed the link and it was regarding a totally different issue.  Seems a Starbucks employee in Manhattan refused to donate three cases of water to an ambulance company treating 9/11 victims.  That story was true; they made the ambulance employees shell out $130 bucks for those cases of water.
It seems also that, although Starbucks Corporate was made aware of this grievous lack of compassion for 9/11 victims, they took a long time to offer a refund to those ambulance workers, and only after the story went viral on the internet.

Okay, back to the Starbucks and Marines story;

It seems the Marine Sergeant that reported this coffee request story on the internet had to back off and say that he had heard it from another Marine whom he was never able to identify or locate for verification.

However, Starbucks corporate, rather than being satisfied that the story was doubtful at best, had to embroider their own nobility by saying that they do donate coffee, and funds to the USO, but would never send any Starbucks coffee directly to the troops serving in Afghanistan.

Which only causes me to get my dander up against Starbucks all anew!  Why the hell wouldn't Starbucks fork over a few cases of coffee to our troops serving in the vast wastelands of Afghanistan?  I can tell you from my own military experience that, while you may get a free coffee and donut in a USO in some major military base, you're not going to come close to a "donut dolly" from the USO out in the jungles of Vietnam or the mountain passes of Afghanistan!  So, a little Starbucks coffee sent directly to the troops would be most welcome!

Anybody watch MSNBC's Morning Joe?  Everyone of those simpering libtards have got a bag of Starbucks and a hot or cold Starbucks sitting in front of them there in the studio, all provided free of charge by Starbucks!  Oh, I'm sure Starbucks reaps big business profits from having their coffee front and center on everyone's TV set each morning, and I'm equally sure the TV cameras won't be rolling over in Kandahar province as our troops are drinking their MRE coffee out of metal canteen cups..but still!

When I was stationed in Hawaii our unit used to sponsor an old folks home.  Every three months we held pancake breakfasts and gave the profits to the home to buy the folks a TV or Stereo or to buy turkeys at Thanksgiving.   We served three hotcakes and a glass of Dole Pineapple Juice to every customer.  The Dole Pineapple Juice came free of charge from the local Dole plant.  Anytime we needed a dozen cases of pineapple juice we called Dole and they always said bring a truck down and take as much as you need.  This was back when Dole was more than likely run by a CEO who had served in World War II or Korea.  So when the military asked for something they gave and didn't ask for publicity.  Too many companies today are run by business gurus who wouldn't stoop to serve in the military and any donation must be largely publicized in order to boost the corporate profile...and profits!

Moral of this story?  Stop with the hating folks!  Quit looking for ways to falsely demonize others.  But, damn it Starbucks!  Send some coffee over to Kandahar, even if you have to confiscate those free bags off of those Morning Joe desks!


  1. First, thank you for serving our country.

    Second, stop your whining! A company like
    Starbucks exists to make a profit, not to
    donate coffee to soldiers, blind children, or
    unicorns. How much free stuff have you donated to anyone lately?

    1. How about his fucking life? I was a Marine, and served in iraq. When we enlist we know that there is a possibility we could die. We get paid shit, are having our benefits reduced by congress, and many military families have to live off of welfare. How is that for a fucking donation...

    2. Amen Shawn...thank you for ur service and couldn't agree more! The least we all could do is donate coffee to our service men and women...that guy is a douche!!!!!

    3. It isn't true. http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_starbucks_marines.htm

    4. It isn't true. http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_starbucks_marines.htm

  2. Thanks for your comment, anon. Your sentiments prove my point with regard to the new generation...and new age thinking. Corporate responsibility to community used to be an integral part of the corporate charter..but no more.

    As to my donations, I can honestly say that I donate at least 5,000 percent more of my net worth to my charities than Starbucks gives to theirs.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. A most sincere thank you for your service!!

    You nailed it with the difference between the Greatest Generation and the "Anonymous" generation. I agree with the need for more corporate giving and "anon" is confused. Corporate Tax structuring is hugely conducive to generosity by corporations. I always said yes but I always asked for the receipt.

    Thanks for all you do, We can use more 5000%'ers!

  4. Starbucks is listed as a USO sponsor and does donate coffee. Not to mention just joined a hiring program to hire vets. http://www.uso.org/program-partners.aspx

  5. Daniel, thanks for the link…glad to see Starbucks is now donating care packages to the troops…(they admitted not doing so before)…would love to say it was my blog that convinced them…but i doubt it. :)

  6. I also would like to thank you for your service. As a soon to be military spouse I have a high amount of respect for people that choose to serve this country. I also prefer to support my local businesses rather than Starbucks. Regardless of both of those things, if you looked into this further you would understand that they have a policy that they abide to when it comes to making charitable donations. Maybe you could request some of the military affiliated charities to put in a request for free coffee, and then they can send in to our troops. Or maybe you can send a letter of complaint requesting that funds be reassigned and more money be spent on coffee so that all US military branches can receive Starbucks instead.

    For professional reasons I have to remain anonymous.

  7. Thanks for your comments, anon….an earlier poster said Starbucks has changed their policy and are donating coffee…all to the good.

  8. Companies give so many celebs free stuff to try to get others to buy it..... Donating to the troops is a tax write off so they won't be loosing any money..... Our Troops deserve to have reminders of home things they enjoy..... They are serving their country away from friends and family for months, years any small comfort we can give them is well deserved.....

  9. I work for Starbucks and would like to send a care package of coffees and stuff. But do I send it to??? I definitely support all of y'all over there protecting all my loved ones.

  10. Duh! Ummmm...
    Duh! Hu..nunununuh...um

    ...mmm. Duh!