Friday, March 1, 2013

Transparent Dresses When "Aroused"

Okay, so yesterday I was scanning Yahoo News and got jerked into one of those Yahoo Shine fluff pieces.  It was about some ladies dress designers in the Netherlands who are bringing out a line of dresses that become transparent when the woman is "aroused".   Seems there's a microchip built into the dress that responds to the wearer's heart rate.  As the heart rate increases the dress becomes transparent.

Well hell!  What will they come up with next!  Of course I can see a few problems with this design concept.  What kind of an impression is a lady to make as she sprints to catch the bus and steps in, only to be presenting herself in all her glory to twenty or thirty urban commuters munching on a donut for sausage Mcmuffin?  What if she was late for the board meeting and had to scale a couple of flights of stairs enroute?  Talk about a Powerpoint presentation!

Will men's trousers be the next line out?  And if they are, would you like to place bets on how much sooner a male "in his glory" is arrested for indecent exposure?

And really, what's the big deal about a transparent dress?  Anyone who caught the Red Carpet at the Oscar show probably saw every bit as much for two solid hours of Oscar telecast "foreplay!"

No, I can't see these arousal-transparent technology going too far.  Now, if you could outfit politicians with clothes that turn transparent every time they told a big fat lie you'll have something!


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  1. Great Idea, not transparent dresses, takes all the sexiness out. The Lie Detector Line of Congressional Garb, I like it!