Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bait Car


It must be true that idle hands lead to evil.  I was vegging out the other afternoon and started flipping channels and came across a show called "Bait Car".  Now, for the life of me I can't understand why La Causa and the NAACP aren't suing this show.  Talk about bad ethnic images!  

The premise of this show is that they take a car and rig it up to all kinds of controls and cameras and monitoring devices, then they leave it in some Black thugville, and wait for about sixty seconds for a thug to come along and steal it.  So stupid are the perps that the cops leave the car door open, thus saying "steal me, bro!", "steal me bro!"

So along comes some ethnic dregs, about 90 percent Black and ten percent Latino, and their addled brains convince them that they just got to have this ride, baby!  So the climb in, hit the boom box and boogie on down the road.  At some point cop control center shuts the vehicle down...and then the fun begins.  The thugs goes all wide-eyed like those submissive negroes in the 1930 movies, and then they desperately reach out and try to exit the car.  Of course the doors are locked and they are trapped.

The thugs then begin some form of frustrated gyration; slamming the steering wheel, wringing their hands, F-ing themselves, before finally putting their hands in the air as ordered by the arriving cops.
Oh...and then the tears flow...really big time.  And almost as fast the excuses begin to flow "Hey, someone just sold me this ride!".  or "I be standing on the corner, mindin my own business and this guy come along and forced me to drive this car away!".  or "Hey, this my sista's car and she tell me I can drive it!" or "Hey man, I just out for a test drive...fella down in the hood wanna sell it to me!"

Some of these thugs are so stupid they've been caught more than once stealing a bait car.  Thankfully, the second time around they are less talkative.

I suppose the target audience is a bunch of law abiding white folks that delight in seeing the Black Thug or the Latino punk taken down.  I think it's sad.   Based on his performance in office, anyone of these guys could have been Obama's son.

Maybe Barack will issue an executive order canceling the show.  Or maybe Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson will stage a protest march.  Either way, something needs to be done cause this is not doing much to advance race relations or sell the citizenry on spending $100 million dollar to bail out Detroit or one of the other urban ghettos.

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