Monday, June 2, 2014

Dogging On Hot Dogs?


Someone at the big 5 hamburger chains needs to explain to me why they don't sell hot dogs.  About once a month or so I get a hankering for fast food....but I often have to drag myself kicking and screaming to a burger joint cause I know I'm going to get a semi-cold hamburger or cold soggy fries.
Even when the burgers are half way decent, sometimes I just hunger for a change of pace.

So why the hell won't Burger King or MacDonalds or Wendy's sell me a hot dog...or a chili dog?  Am I the only one in America that is tired of fried chicken or hamburger patties?  Geesh!

Yes, I know Weinerschnitzel sells hot dogs and chili dogs, but there are simply not enough of them around!   Plus, their fries suck really badly!   Jack In The Box will sell me an Asian salad or an Asiaio Chicken sandwich but can't be bothered with weiners?  

It can't be the costs!  I can drive up to Costco and get a foot long hot dog, or polish sausage, and huge cup of coca cola for $1.50!  While I don't expect Mickey D's to offer me that same kind of deal I am amazed that they are not willing to make me any deal at all!

When I was a kid in high school they had a snack bar right outside the school cafeteria.  If I didn't like what the school was serving inside I could always step up to the snack bar and buy a foot long hot dog for a quarter!  And it was great!

So I'm not getting these Big 5 clowns and their multi-million dollar test kitchens....where they dream up those grisselly McRib sandwiches, or their baconaters with bacon slices so thin you can see right through them, or or their square patties on round buns!  

At not one of those test kitchens did some brainy fella come up with the idea of selling hot dogs?  Are you kidding me?

Just give me an order of Mickey D's fries, and one of those little paper boats loaded up with a couple of chili dogs...and I just might visit them once a week instead of once a month....that's a "400%" increase in business!  So some one get off your buns and boil me a weenie!


  1. I think you have to go to Germany or maybe New York City , from a street vendor, to get a really good Hot Dog. I had no clue there were that many varieties until I went to Germany. But sign me up! We will go to McDonald's together and order 2 dogs with all the trimmings!

  2. It's a date, you have any ideas on why the big chains don't serve hot dogs? Really, I'm baffled!

    1. I don't know (hard to believe, I'm sure!). I once read that the biggest competitor of McDonalds was 7-11

  3. Jerry, I don't know if you're familiar with "Banh Me" is a Vietnamese sandwich made with a light and crusty French baguette. Inside they build it with pork, or beef, but, for Vietnamese themselves, it is almost always "cha-lua" which is a better version of baloney. The "selling point" is the bread. No soft doughy bread like at Subway; instead that light and crusty baguette that holds up well to a choice of meats, plus thinly sliced cucumber, pickled carrots, jalapeño peppers, onion and cilantro. They are delicious and these Viet sandwich shops do very well both here in Phoenix as well as San Diego where we used to live. Honkies love this great Asian sandwich. (My wife makes them for me all the time, with my favorite, thinly sliced fried spam and all the trimmings mentioned. Now I understand YUM Brands, parent of KFC and Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, are market testing "Banh Me" sandwich joints down in Texas....if they don't mess them up it will be a huge boon to the sandwich market.

    1. That's IT, I'm coming to lunch at YOUR house! Thanks in advance to your wife!

  4. I agree! We have Sheetz that have hot dogs but they suck..... I would love to know the reason the big ones don't.