Friday, November 9, 2012

A "Non-Political" Political Essay

Last year I staked my claim to a potential new blog.  I called it "The Good News Journal", wrote a blog entry or two, then left it fallow for months.  The new blog got a few hits but was largely ignored...because I was ignoring it.

I was so consumed with my other blog, the ones that dealt largely with political issues, that I had little time to come back to this one.  I was so very concerned about the direction our nation was heading that I was consumed with staking my political and philosophical ground and trying mightily to point out the foibles of "the other party".

Now that the election has come and gone my disappointment with the outcome is so acute that I found myself physically ill.  I literally had to tune out all the news on the internet and on TV just to maintain my equilibrium.  Were I to allow myself to watch the boasting and self satisfaction of the victors I don't know how I could bear, for now, I am in "political hibernation".  Perhaps someday I'll again mount the humpbacked steed and draw my sword and swing at windmills, but for now, for the sake of my own personal happiness, I choose to write about the dear, the silly and even the mundane.

I'm hoping that I'll gather a readership that is at least equal to my previous blog.  But, being unable to stop writing, I'll continue scribbling about family and friends and any and all aspects of the life experience.

And so, to the readers of my previous blog, if you've opted to join me here, welcome!  And welcome as well to those "googlers" who haphazardly came across my new blog through a keyword or subject search, and have opted to stay awhile.

I hope my new blog will stimulate thought, touch your heart, shake your soul once in awhile...or at the very least, make you curious.  If you choose to stay awhile you can expect me to take you to sundry regions of the world; places where I have worked and lived, places that perhaps you've never been but might get to know a bit better through my words.

Many of my essays from my previous blog had nothing to do with politics.  They speak of love and learning, they are about Thanksgiving and Christmas and Father's Day and Mother's Day.  To my old readers, do not be surprised if I re-print many of those earlier blogs on this one.  If you find one you've read in the past, do not care to read again, feel free to go and visit The Pioneer Lady or The Huffington Post and come back when I offer a fresh one.

And, through this blog, I hope to cause you to look at things just a bit differently, after having read of an observation or two that I might offer.

And I pledge to keep this blog "politically free"...if you want to read of government and politics feel free to read those 530 plus "Lost in America" blog entries when you're hungry for tougher "meat".

So, grab your coffee mug, find a comfortable seat (seat belts not usually required)..and sit me with me awhile.  "Oh the things you'll hear and see!".


  1. PammieJean hereinafter PamNovember 9, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    You sure stay up late writing don't you? I can't anymore. Well, unless I just can't sleep. But then, I don't feel like writing much.

    I'm sorry I didn't comment on your other blog much. It's not that I'm not interested in politics. More that I really don't want to talk about it with anyone.

    I remember one of your posts was about your darling dogs. I read part of it, then was interrupted by an early rise of my granddaughter then never got back. I won't mind at all any re-posts.

    For some reason, I didn't get an email of this post. I'm wondering now if I put in an old email address that is no longer active. I'll have to check on it.

    Ooops, my daughter is leaving for work. Must get upstairs. Only 28 degrees this morning. The winter is upon us.

  2. Pam, re staying up I usually don't stay up late...but I only sleep about four hours a night so I'm usually up between 3am to 4am, depending on how well I can sleep.

    Re my dog posts; I've written five or six of them on the other blog..there still there to read if you like...just search "doggies" in the search block and a list will come up. No doubt I will be re-printing my doggie stories here as well at some point.

    Temps here are below normal as well..tomorrow's high is supposed to be 62 with a low of 46. Arizona is beautiful in the winter, as always.

  3. Like yourself I have been horribly sickened by this election. I am mostly sick for my daughter and her family. Her and her husband both voted for this scourge and have been gloating about it ever since. I have given my all to convince her otherwise but our education system and media have won out. That just kills me, like I failed in a very big way. I am reminded of what an old friend on another board used to say, "Sad, Damned Sad".

    So here I am enjoying your new location and the very pleasurable tone of your stories. I always enjoyed the stories of your family, it sounds like a very beautiful family indeed. This site is a wonderful escape from a new, bleak world. I once had a wonderful relationship with our Creator that was lost in pursuit of earthly riches. Once again I will pursue that as I know that will bring some peace back into my life as well. I am telling you this because the day after the election a Bible that I had ordered last summer, that never got here and I had given up on was laying on the porch by my front door. Now how's that for a message from God. So I will read the Good Book for the first time and I will read your stories many times and find bliss in an otherwise depressing time. I trust it will get better, it usually does. Can't give up hope...