Monday, November 12, 2012

I Miss The 50's "Bullet Bras"

How many of you are old enough to remember those "bullet bras" that women wore back in the 40's and 50's?  Wow!  If you don't remember them just watch one of those old 50's rock n roll films; all the girlies are wearing those bullet bras underneath those teenage sweaters.  The bras were especially prevalent in those 50's Science Fiction movies too!  Somehow those B movie starlets and monsters just seem to get along so well!

Okay, I know that now a days you don't have to "imagine" as much...some ladies, and most of the screen stars pretty well like to just let it all hang out.  But back in the 50's it was different.  The moral codes just weren't lax enough to allow such a thing.

But the ladies back then had their own way!

They had these "bullet bras" that caused the breasts to stick way out there and say "here they are boys!'re probably not getting a peek unless we get married...or you break down my defenses with some very heavy petting, but here they are baby!"    The thing is, these things drove us crazy!...all the girl needed to do was turn and point one of those things at us and we'd double over and "monkey-walk" our way to the boy's restroom to give our "hard-on" a chance to recede, suitable for public company!

They also called them "cone bras".  Come to think of it, that's just about the time snow cones became so popular!  We walked around sucking on snow cones like nobody's business!  Was that some kind of Freudian thing?

I don't care what you call them, guys of that time loved them!  I still watch them today in those old black and white movies from the 50's!

I understand Madonna resurrected those cone bras and tried to take them to an all new level...but she failed.  I kinda think the reason Madonna failed is because we had already seen what she's got up there so what's the big mystery when she puts a bra on?  Right?  Sexy is something when you leave just enough to the imagination to spark curiosity and interest....and there's little room for that today.

That's why old fogies like me will always love the bullet bra.  It symbolized a time when women presented a challenge.  We were all like horny "knights" trying hard to "bridge the moat" and "capture the queen"...and boy did those bras challenge us!  I can still remember that some of the girls in high school were still wearing those cone bras back in the early 60's.  You'd ask for a slow dance, and those bullets would be poking you right in the chest all night...and you loved it!

Then you'd go home and apply an ice pack to the "appropriate" you suffered from those notorious "chest protectors".  



  1. Wasn't that invented by Howard Hughes for Jane Mansfield or some other sex goddess of the time for a movie he was producing?? I suppose it looks ok but I sure enjoy a well built woman on a chilly morning or evening in a tight T shirt with nothing underneath!

  2. I believe Howard Hughes invented a bra that served as a "holster" which held Jane Russell's "beauties" up and out.

    P.S. Back in the late 70's early 80's when women opted to go bra-less I always voted for commissary shopping duties because we had just tons of 20 something air force wives bouncing up and down the grocery aisles with nipples busting out of tropic weight tops...heaven!

    1. Oh Ya Baby gotta love that! I knew it was one of those Janes. Remember I'm younger than you, old timer!

  3. Yeah... a little older...but not dead!

  4. Check out the actress Jennifer Connolly, she has natural 'cones'!


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