Monday, November 12, 2012

Political Hibernation

After watching last Tuesday night's election results I turned off the TV and went to bed.  On Wednesday morning I began entering a state of "political hibernation".  I skip all political news in the paper, ignore all political news on the Internet and refuse to watch any program that even remotely resembles politics.  This weekend I broke the old pattern of watching all the Sunday morning news shows and am now through my fifth day of "hibernation".

I am now part of the 50% of Americans who pay no attention to politics; yes, those 50% who never go out and cast a vote.  They are fat dumb and happy in their sublime ignorance and, so far, although not happy, I am doing much better these days.  Haven't taken a blood pressure reading but I suspect it's down a point or two.

Yes, I know that ignoring our problems will not make them go away.  If sequestration occurs come January the taxes on my pension will go up and the amount of my pension will either go down or will have the buying power of that meager pension be eaten up by inflation.

But I had to stop worrying about the direction our nation is taking; last Tuesday night, after the election results came in, I tried to figure out how the President gained the majority of the college vote when fully 50% of them will not find a job in Obama's economy.  I raged:  "how could they be so stupid as to vote against their own self interests?".   And why were they the only "interest group" that voted against their own best interests when those "47 per centers" sure voted for the succor of a government check!

Yes, Tuesday night I raged on and on, so that I actually became physically ill.  It was at that point that I resolved to embrace the "oh well, shit happens" philosophy.

The benefits of this new "laissez faire" philosophy are legion; I need not tune in to watch the other side gloat, I don't need to hear the false claim of a "victor's mandate" based on a 1% plurality of winning votes, I don't have to hear Republicans reassessing their political philosophies, or chewing on the notions that if they just begin ignoring certain immigration laws they might gain greater political favor, or ignoring the inevitable fact that entitlements as they are currently constructed are unsustainable.

Nope, all I need do is maintain a remote and uncaring approach and let the fates sort themselves out.  I intend on sleeping through all of this and deal with the consequences to the best of my abilities.  I'm taking a leave of absence from the real world and just resolve to smell the roses and not the moral decay that now permeates throughout our nation.

Will the last person that cares a whit about our nation's problems please turn out the lights when they leave....the light bothers me and I need to get to sleep.


  1. I am still in numb shock. I can't believe it but I think I'm coming to understand it. Everything I read talks of unreal election results, 120% here, 108% of vote there, just amazing. This morning I read that 59 districts in Pennsylvania saw o with 100% of the vote with not one vote cast for Romney. I, a numbskull conservative, find that suspect and so do many experts. Is there any questions raised, investigations called for? Nope. I and many others see a great deal of fraud but no reaction, America is no longer worth the fight I guess. I know a part of me has died.

    So like yourself I am trying to stay away from news of any kind. Trying to read this new Bible of mine. That's a new and interesting endeavor. Hibernation is good when the fight seems to have been lost. I'll go back and try again at the mid terms, I suppose. OK now no more political talk here...

  2. 108%? 120%? Really? I'm shocked! You mean from a Chicago politician? Again I'm shocked! Yawn..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz