Saturday, November 17, 2012

"The Grand Slam Surcharge Slam"

A fellow who owns 40 "Denny's" franchises announced this week that he's implementing a 5% surcharge on his customer's bills.   This surcharge is to cover the increased costs of providing Obamacare to his hundreds of employees.  The owner says, at $5,000 per employee, and total annual costs of $175,000 dollars per restaurant, he simply can't afford it, saying that his individual franchises do not even make a profit of $175,000 per year.

So, I guess customers who voted to re-elect the President won't be unhappy to pay the surcharge.  As they return from their local hip-hop club, and stop in to Denny's for an early morning breakfast, what's an additional 5% if it's going to a good cause, right?

The problem with all of this of course is that Michelle Obama has already said we shouldn't be eating at Denny's anyway.  That greasy bacon and sausage, those buttery pancakes and those two yellow globes of cholesterol are simply not good for you and, if you eat it it will surely drive up the costs of health care.

And please don't say denying you that Grand Slam is beyond government control.  You don't want that 15 member government medical death panel to find out you've been eating breakfast at Denny's.   I'm sure there's a government penalty looming right behind that meager Denny's surcharge.

Apparently other restaurants are sufficiently concerned about the costs of Obamacare as well.  Olive Garden announced that they're exploring shift changes that will reduce weekly employment hours for their workers so that no employee exceeds the 30 hours per week criteria that kicks in and mandates employee provided Obamacare.  Applebees and Darden Restaurants have similar plans in the works.

If I were the Denny's franchise owner I think I'd submit a request for waiver to Michelle Obama's Council on Nutrition; maybe if he agrees to stop selling Grand Slams and begins peddling oatmeal and granola he just might get included on those 960 Obamacare compliance waivers that the administration granted to favored interest groups, to include most of the unions.

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  1. I notice all things going up quite a bit all over the place. I don't eat at Denny's much any more though. I also notice that folks who voted for the "current resident" are about as sleazy a lot as they come and will find a way out of paying for any and all things they voted for and feel quite justified in forcing me to pay "My Fair Share".

    I am completely confused as to what is to happen to all the full time employees who would be reduced to thirty hour weeks. Will those employees then be seeking a part time job to make up the dent in their paycheck or will we be seeing a nation of tired folks working sixty hour work weeks. I can see that a change is coming and no matter how I spin it around, draw it, talk about it with as many experts as I can find, none if it sounds good.
    The people who authored these bills, will be the people least affected by all the new laws. They are the people who should feel their effect the most. Like Bill Clinton said, "ahhh feel your pain". I doubt it. I read today the average senator is worth 13.9 million and the average congressman is worth 5.3 million.

    We sure talk a lot of politics here. I thought that was "Ver Botten".