Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Adornments On A Christmas Tree"

If you can't always get your arms around the true meaning of Christmas, try to imagine the Christmas tree as a loved one.  And each lovely ornament on that "tree" represents one gesture of love, one gift of yourself that you bestowed on the ones you love.

Each time you took the time to prepare a lovely meal, each time you offered words of comfort, each time you just took the time to listen, to provide comfort to that loved one, you have adorned that loved one with a gift of yourself.

Remember the time you sat down and wrote a note, expressing your love to a dear one?  Remember the mornings you dropped by to share a cup of coffee, or an encouraging word, or just provided company for someone lonely; when you helped to drive back the darkness...another ornament graces the tree.

Each time you picked up the phone and called someone...and told them you missed them, that they mean something to you, that they hold a special place in your heart, another shiny orb is hung in your honor.

One morning you walked into a store and you saw a "giving tree" with names of children who might not have a Christmas this year;  that giving tree touched your heart so you pulled the name from the tree and bought a lovely gift for a little girl or boy who will never know your name, an angel is added to that beautiful tree.

When you took the time to drop off a few cans of soup and a small box of fresh fruit to a local food bank the tree is further adorned with a lovely light that shines more brightly for it comes from a generous soul.

When you send a small donation to St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital you are helping to pay for research and care of a child with cancer.  You are offering a small degree of comfort to the parents of those children who otherwise could not pay for the cancer care of that child...and a small teddy bear is added to the tree.

When you drop off a container of home-made cookies to an elderly neighbor, knowing they no longer bake them for themselves, you brighten their tree and let them know someone cares.

My tree is festooned with multi-colored lights and ornaments and angels and teddy bears and tinsel, all thanks to the many kindness extended to me over my lifetime.  I've been blessed with visitations from angels on earth as well as from heaven and my tree is lovely indeed thanks to all who adorned "my tree" through these many years.

Merry Christmas and thanks for making me shine so brilliantly!

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