Saturday, December 22, 2012

Obama, An Egg Slicer & Hemorrhoid Creme

I see the President and his family arrived in Hawaii last night, all set to celebrate Christmas in paradise.
I don't begrudge the President an occasional vacation; it's a tough job and I'm sure the President needs time to relax.

I just wish the President and his family would spend a little more time in the White House and less time on the road.  The Congressional Budget Office issued their routine press release on the cost of the President's Christmas vacation.  The CBO says it'll cost taxpayers $4 million dollars this week.  When these vacations are in Europe they are supposedly three times that amount.

Last summer someone in the political opposition dug out the CBO numbers on the President's vacation costs since he entered office in January 2009.  The numbers were frightening as we learned that Obama and family had run up $100,000,000 per year each year he's been in office.  Pardon me if I think that's just a bit extravagant.

Since I can't get my arms around the $100,000,000 annual number I just broke down numbers that I can understand.  Having learned from the IRS that there are approximately 50 million taxpayers remaining to pay all the many program costs, I just took my individual tax assessment that would be applicable to Obama's vacations.  I came up with the fact that I'm paying $2.00 each year to cover Obama's vacations.

Now, while that may not sound a lot, keep in mind that I'm on a fixed pension and $2.00 is meaningful to me.  I shop at the .99 Cents Only stores by necessity.  I can get an egg slicer and a tube of hemorrhoid creme for .99 cents each.

  Lest you think these two items are luxuries, I can only say, when April 15th comes around, and I have to write that check to the IRS, that hemorrhoidal cream really comes in handy!




  1. Sad is what it is. A man that is doing nothing more than destroying this country while partying the whole time. Sad