Thursday, December 13, 2012

On Removing "Christ" From Christmas


On Removing "Christ" From Christmas

Christmas trees and decorations and Christmas plays and concerts have pretty much been removed from our public schools.  Any reference to Christmas must at least be referred to as "Holiday" events.  Retailers who lust after the profit aspects of Christmas often shorten the word to "Xmas" so that it may afford greater space for hawking a product.

Thousands of Crosses and Ten Commandment Plaques have been removed from public display as they offend those who believe neither in God nor Christ and deem those who do as "ignorant heathens" who must somehow create a "god" to pacify their need for theology.

Instead these progressive atheists choose to believe in the church of Lady Gaga and Justin and Miley and Beyonce and, yes, even Barack Obama who millions have now glorified as "savior".   Progressive atheists have many gods but their most important one is "big government", the deity who issues the monthly green check.

And of course, America is at war with a million radical Muslims who do not believe Christ was the son of a god but is, instead, a "minor prophet" far down in importance from Mohammed, born 1200 years later, and important because of his insistence that, for Islam to survive, Christians must be wiped from the face of the earth.  Thus, when I lived and worked in the Middle East, we held our Christian services in hiding, behind compound walls, lest we be arrested and put in jail for worshipping Christ.

So, after some 2,000 years, is western civilization finally ready to do away with Christmas?  Never!  The powers that be know that Christmas is far too profitable a golden goose to ever kill.  These "powers" have no problem with calling it a "holiday" or "Xmas" but God help anyone who wants to eliminate the holiday entirely.  After all, greed and the worship of "the golden calf" far outdate the coming of the Christ!

So, America, let's do away with these silly nativity scenes.  Let's remove the crosses and the Christmas hymns in favor of "Silver Bells" or "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" or the soundtrack to "Bad Santa".  And, when Christmas is over, let's just stand by as crosses are dragged down the hill or monument, lest they offend the progressive atheist.  Let's stand by as the church of "big government" demands that religious organizations fund health care premiums that permit the murder of infants.

But please shop early and shop often!  After all "it's the Xmas season!"


  1. And they succeed in light of the fact that the statistics show that over 85% of Americans profess a beliefs based in Judeo-Christian values. Why they keep winning the day is beyond me. I'm glad I'm on the tail end of this adventure rather than having to look forward to what the future holds here. It is bleak at best.

  2. Let's hope for the best, Ken..the coming hard times are going to send alot of people back to spiritual values to get them through.