Sunday, January 27, 2013

McDonald's "Fishy" Fish Filet Sandwich

                                    Caution; Object Appear Larger in Ad Than On Your Plate

I just read in the news today that McDonald's has altered their fish sources for their Fish Fillet Sandwich.  They claim that the fish used previously was under threat of extinction so they've switched to an Alaskan pollack that is "sustainable", that is a readily abundant fish for their sandwiches.

I find that puzzling.  Since the Fish Fillet is about half Panko bread crumbs, with the fish content consisting of some minced fish pieces, how in hell would any fish content become unsustainable?  That is unless Panko bread crumbs is under assault.

I used to love the Fish Fillet sandwich when old Ray Kroc was still around and tromping through his franchises, prepared to close one down if they didn't meet his quality standards.  Now McDonald's is a "hit or miss" proposition, with some restaurants able to maintain a clean bathroom and serve a warm hamburger, while others are just a culinary time bomb.

But back to McDonald's Fish Fillet Sandwich:  I dare you to order one.  Feel the heft; it probably weighs four ounces and two ounces of that comes from a huge glob of tartar sauce, one ounce from the bun and a final desperate ounce of minced fish pieces surrounded by greasy panko bread crumbs and garnished with a slice of petroleum based imitation cheese slice.  It's a gastronomical disaster.

So good luck Micky D!  I guess you're still doing better than Burger King.  I hear their British franchises are under fire for slipping horse meat into their Whoppers.

Horse meat and minced fish!  Yuk!


  1. Never did like McD's fish sandwiches and probably had it only once or twice. I could never tell when I was taking a bite of the fish or the sauce because both were mushy. Burger King's was better, crispier and bigger. And, since one of my kids worked there for a little while, I could ask "FOF", meaning fresh out of the fryer. Much better tasting when it doesn't sit for half hour.

  2. Yeah, Pam..I've had Burger King's fish sandwich and like it much better. It has more fish and is crispier.