Saturday, January 12, 2013

News 'N Notes

                                                 OXO Air Tight Storage Containers

In my earlier blog on my "excellent" product discoveries I forgot to mention these OXO food storage containers.  I discovered (and admired) these at my daughter's house over Thanksgiving and was lucky enough to receive them as Christmas gifts.  These containers are excellent for long term storage of pasta, chips, beans, crackers, etc.  They are especially helpful to folks like me, who live alone and can't consume a bag of chips, or pasta, or a bargain quantity of beans, in a short time.  These containers preserve the freshness and greatly reduce food waste.  Target currently sells a full kitchen set for $49.00

                                                             The Doctor's BrushPicks

Another "daughter discovery", I find these little toothpicks such a great improvement on the old wooden toothpick.  They are flexible and offer little brush heads on one end that enables you to get into those hard to access areas where food can pocket and cause infection and disease.  They are also great for reduce tooth plaque.

Do you remember when your kids were growing up, and just loved to "role play?".  They might pull out Daddy or Mommy's old clothes from the attic and play out their fantasies?  We parents delighted in this cute little child's game.  And why not?  It enriches their sense of imagination and is not harmful unless the kids really start to believe they are indeed that real life character.  When that happens the kid fails to develop emotionally, lives perpetually in a fantasy land that doesn't exist, and, sadly, fail to develop the normal life skills necessary for finding productive works, assuming responsibility for their own actions, and even learn to lie in order to perpetuate their own personal fantasy views of  how the "real world" unfolds.  When this tragedy occurs the "little whelp" grows up to be a politician.  So sad.

Proof Positive That Americans Will Try Anything At Least Once!

I've been on the Atkins diet since the first of January; peeling off the weight gained over the holidays put on by consuming mass quantities of pie and cake and Christmas candy.  My diet naturally got me curious about the latest craze, The Paleo Diet.  I guess the basic concept is that dieters follow the diet that our caveman ancestors consumed.  I find it ironic that a generation of people with a current lifespan of 80 would opt to follow a diet of the caveman whose life span was no more than 40 years.  Hmmmm.



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