Friday, January 25, 2013

The Comeback Kid': Lost In America Revived


The day after the election I announced that my old blog, "Just Common Sense-Lost In America would take a hiatus, maybe even end.  However, as my readers have noticed, despite my efforts to discuss non-political matters in my "Good News Journal" blog, political and social issues have inevitably creeped into this blog.

Accordingly, I intend to revive the Lost In America blog.  Despite not posting to the old blog for months I am still getting a substantial number of "hits" as both new and old readers visit the old blog, seeking some explanation for the societal turmoil affecting America these days.

Further, Obama and his liberal minions have just gotten "too big for their britches", assuming a "mandate" through the last election.  I don't consider clopping together a group of liberal special interest groups, then rewarding them for their vote, a mandate.  51% of "takers" does not represent a mandate in my way of thinking.

So, I'll be posting new blogs to my old site.  I'll continue to post on this, The Good News Journal, as well, when I have kindler and gentler things to say about man and his environment.

Just wanted to let my readers know that Don Quixote is back on his hump backed steed, swinging at windmills and trying again to force America to stop and think about where we're going.

So, if you want to read about every day observances, enjoy a bit of humor once in awhile, or note observations about popular culture, by all means, confine your reading to this blog.  But if you wish to take a good cold hard look at the world, if you're ready again to campaign to take back America, mosey on over to Lost In America and set a spell.  Look for new posts there in the coming days.